Australia Post Deliveries

Australia Post have announced they will no longer be leaving missed parcel slips (you can read more about it here). This means you won’t get a 'missed delivery' slip informing you to pick up your map order at the post office if you miss the delivery. 

As a small business, I am not happy with this at all, as it has resulted in many customers not knowing that their map order is waiting to be collected, and they eventually get returned to me. 

To avoid this from happening, Australia Post is recommending you download the AusPost app (here) to get notifications as to where your parcel is and when it can be collected. Please do this so you have real-time tracking of your map order.

Alternatively, you can send me an email and I will send your tracking information if you have not already received it. You can also pop into your local post office to ask them if it’s already there, or give them a call.

Before this change I was happy to cover the costs to re-send map orders that had been returned to me, as it rarely happened. However, it is now occurring much more frequently, and Australia Post charges $10.20 to return each parcel and then an additional $12.95 to send it out again. 

As a one man business I am really struggling to absorb these extra postage costs. 

In the future, if your map order is returned to me due to it not being collected, there will be an additional postage cost of $23.15 to have it re-sent to you.

I hope you find this reasonable. Thank you so much for your ongoing support, and send me an email if you need extra help finding your map order!

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